Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Learning a Familiar Lesson.......

Due to what seemed like an endless list of errands in the past few nights, I have not made it back here to my blog to post any deals. However, this post is not about the deals I have found while running my many errands, it is about the lesson I had to learn again!

The past several nights have been very restless and sleep was hard to come by. As I got off work Monday, I started running the many errands on my list and started my pity party of how tired I was and how I wish I could just go home. But, I just got paid that day and needed to run those errands. Then it hit incredibly blessed I am that I have not just a job, but a wonderful job; that I have a paycheck to spend on the necessities I was picking up; and that I had my home and family to go home to once I was done.

God has blessed me every day of my life and that day was no different. All the sudden I wasn't so tired anymore and had a smile had returned to my face.

May God Bless you today and every day!

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